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Sci Fi Interior Walls/Barriers

These are the frames for punch-out counters for board games. I have tons of these. And I helped with a board game convention, so as we were punching out the donated games to be played, I got to collect the extras, too.

This is a simple start. Baiscally, cutting them up a bit, then gluing them in the three-part corners. having repeats and unique pieces each give their own contribution to an overall theme.

Depending on what frames you end up with, you can have odd assorments of shapes or frames with all one shape (like circles or hexes).

This is a large 12x12 frame. I am gluing some red and blue transparency sheets on it, cut to follow the lines of the frame.

I have another one of the same frame, so I will put it underneath, flipped upside down to sandwich the transparency sheets between two identical frames.

I went with all silver to add some homogeneity to the mix of different odd shapes at odd angles.

I will definitely make more, and probably work with other colors. Black would make some nice, dark, twisted ruins.

SWMBO said the set ups look a lot like sets for the Dr. Who show. I don't disagree. They can look as sparse, as dense, as campy, or as gritty as you want. Again, I think that effect is primarily a function of the solid silver.

Here's the sandwiched bit, making a nice floor for the fight.

And from a different perspective, you can see how this could be a bottom or top floor. Sandwiching can also be used for windows.

This also shows off a couple of cups I painted up to go with the set.

And the best part (well, one of the best parts), is that three part corners stack up well for storage!