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Frog Monsters!

So SWMBO and I rescued a few more lawn ornament frogs like the one I used to make the demon frog. Some of these guys are a bit more weathered and worn down, so I hope that will make them look eerier and more threatening.

The first one had the most pitting on him, so I used nine different colors of brown in layers to do his skin. Darkest inside to lightest outside.

In fact, this one was so damaged, that I had to redo both eyes and eyelids with clay. (You can see this in the prior photo.) They look like they belong to this figure and they match, so I'm happy.

This one was OK the way he was. Just a little sealant on him, the a highlight to bring out the eyes.

The shiny coat makes taking a pic kind of hard for this one, but I actually like the way the veins on the top of this one came out. It is kind of a cross between a tie-die hallucinatory frog (possibly caused by licking toads) and an mini radioactive kaiju. Now I just need a full grown one ...

This one is just kind of a normal red frog. Very useful if you need a monster, but not a massively exotic one.

And, of course, everybody loves mesmerfrog. I added the third eye to work with the other giant toad monster. Since this one is solid, no blinking lights inside. Even so, I don't give four Army guys much of a chance.