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Mr. Freeze Giant Robots

OK, Not Mr. Freeze robots. Robots made from Mr. Freeze action figures. The one on the right, over there. Actually, this is a nice 6" (nominally) action figure, but for whatever reason it didn't sell well and ended up on uber-super-massive discount on Amazon. $1.99 each as an add-on with other orders.


The first thing I did was Gorilla Glue him to a CD, then use some strategically placed LocTite superglue to hold him in pose. Then I primed him black with Krylon spray paint. I missed a few spots, but I can put some extra attention to them later on.

When working with action figures, I like to glue them into a pose. While it limits the use of them later, it keeps moving joints from wearing away the paint job.

I also consider filling in the gaps an obvious hinges in the joints of the figures. For this one, the groin is the only one that jumps out at you as not being "realistic" in terms of having a person inside a suit. But since I am not making a biological entity in a big suit, but a robot, I decided to leave it the way it was.

I used eight or nine different metallic colors, including some custom mixed ones, on this one to make this steampunk style version. No conversions, just paint.

My wife says she likes this one better than the other one, so hopefully that means she wants to play it a lot and doesn't want me to reproduce the paint job on another one!

Speaking of the other paint scheme, here it is. A Weird WWI German color scheme and Iron Cross on the breastplate. This will work well with my WWWI stuff ... and my WWWII stuff as well as interwar secret society gaming.

Figured I should show them in relation to 28mm figures that they will support. I've been doing more and more 15mm and 20mm figures so they will make really big stompy monsters for those, if I get the appropriate genres built up enough.


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