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Big Galoot

This is a sunscreen(?) promotional toy I grabbed in Pamana City, FL. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with him, but he's kind of cute ... charming ... whatever.

Then I got the some Super Dungeon Explore figures for this project. Now I knew where he would fit in. He can be the sumo-sized addtion to the set. Rather than sumo wear, I am going to paint on a yukata. I added a bit of scrap cord to be the lapel. Then I can just paint on the rest. A couple of craft beads and a little bit of stick give him a topknot. Craft beads are a stock in trade item for me. But a pound of multi-size and multi-shape craft beads and you will have greeblies to infinity and beyond. Really, even a couple necklace making sessions with the kids didn't even dent a one-pound bag.

While the beach flip flops are not geta, I think the cherry blossoms on the yukata and the topknot help pull the whole thing off. Is he the brute of the group, or a gentle giant? Depends on the scenario of the day ...