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Death and the Nine

DOM went to a ComiCon event and got these three prints by artist Bianca Roman-Stumpff. The series is called "Death and the Nine", with a chibi Grim Reaper and ghost cats representing the nine lives of a cat.

I completely get why she digs them, and I dig them too.

So I went to Reaper and found a great chibi Grim Reaper figure, one of the Mr. Bones ones. It comes with a shovel, not a scythe, but I was able to fix that with a bit I had left over from some Hasslefree minis, I believe it was an alternate weapon from Death and Taxxis.

And I got her some transparent bases from ' Litko. The rest was up to her.

She decided to go with hot glue as the sculpting medium. Here are the scraps. Her method was to put small dops down, sculpt them with a needle, then let that dry. Most of the minis were made in multiple stacks of dop, sculpt, dry, repeat.

Fortunately, she has her own live models for sculpting cats. These are Rozencrantz and Guildenstern.

Here is a gallery of her nine ghost cats.

I think glue is both a good medium representative of both cats and ghosts.

... and the full set!