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The Gnomelactic Empire

This is one in a series of projects building units (the smallest autonomous forces) for Brigade Games' Gnome Wars. It's a nice little game, and plays well at conventions. We heard about it at the Old Dominion Military Society's semi-annual gaming conference. Had a good time at the con playing and really like the figures. So we got some, but, of course, we can't just paint 'em up and go, so here is our take on Star Wars, gnome style.

Somewhere in the rules it says that gnomes like imitating humans. If they have been hanging around wargaming conventions enough, they should have picked up on this vibe. We are using the German gnomes again, this time with their pickles cut off. (Ouch!) The goal is to mimmic the helmets of a galaxy far, far away. That's fine for the stormtroopers, Vader, and Boba Fett. But the farmers are not a good match for close combat troops ... we need something more Starwarsy.

Enter the full up constructed figure. We are starting (in the upper left) with tin foil armatures to give us a basic human/gnomic shape. There are only a few details I need to sculpt - one head (with beard) and a few hands. The rest get robes using my favorite technique ... papier-mâché. So all the unsculpted things have been covered up with the robes. Hmmm robed close combatants from a popular sci-fi film. What could that be?

I will keep you in suspense for a while (Don't you dare scroll ahead!) while we look at the other figures. First, Germans sans pickle make decent stormtroopers with the right paint job.

The command cell looks pretty good, too. One Vader, and on Fett. There's also one of those papier-mâchéd figures for the Emperor. The lightning bolts were stolen from a 'Clix figure. They really add character to the piece.

And last, but not least, the rest of the Sith squad. I really only needed one head sculpted. With how striking it is, the genericity of the other figures seems fine. BTW, these gnomes will use the Highlander rules ... guess which figure is my berzerker.

These guys get a little piece of terrain, too. With a powdered drink container and an oversized plastic Easter egg part, they get a pretty good Death 'Shroom.


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