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Askari Minis ... Mostly Gebirgsjaegeren

So DOM got me a bucket of Askari miniaatures for my birthday. No Askaris, but a lot of cool stuff I needed to fill out a couple projects.

This first set is some pulp story Egyptian diggers. The crew looks pretty plain, but they actually have more variety than most of my other North African civilian figures, down to the blue fezzes.

This is a set of WWII Bosnian mountain troops. They are the first ones I did. I used gold for the fez tassles instead of a reasonable colour, but I think it makes them pop a bit, and so they are more visible. Since I went with the dark blue pants and feldgrau (out of a billion colour schemes I found for WWII Axis mountain troops ... The only thing I know about uniforms is that they aren't.), I felt they needed a little pop.

Speaking of feldgrau and dark blue ... here we go with the regular gebirgsjaegeren.

On the left side of the cap, you can see how I made an attempt at an edelweiss badge of the mountain troops. It's more like a silver blob with a teeny gold blob in the middle. But, hey, I gave it a shot.

Here they are in the brown/khaki combination I liked. Keeping them on the Axis side, that allows them to be Italians. Well, that and the mustaches ... Mario, Wario, Boston Blackie, and even Frank Zappa in there.

And the mules! With muleteers ... two feldgrau, and two khaki. Logistics are a key part of battle, especially in the mountains.

I got eight mules. The other two are painted up, but with out the baskets on the sides, I am going to convert some litters for them, making them ambulance mules that would work for a lot of battles.