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Icosahedral Madness

First, this is not actually a geodesic structure. It is two-thirds of an icosahedron (a 20-sided die). But it looks like one and given the easy and inexpensive nature of its construction, it is way close enough. Speaking of ease of construction, b showing you the components I used - triangular cross-stitch plastic canvas (granny grating) - you pretty much already know what to do already. In the craft store, I was thinking the thing I would be making half icosahedrons, so I bought two ten-triangle sets. Turns out, as I said at the start, it is two-thirds of an icosahedron (the top pengaton and the "waist" of the die, which is TEN triangles around), so instead of going back to the store for another bag, I decided that I would supplement by d20 with a d4.

After several abortive attempts to figure out how to put them together, I found the way that would work (though I didn't know it yet). I put the top and the waist together flat, using household adhesive.

Then I started closing the parts up. I folded the pentagon and the waist pieces, glued them together with the household adhesive, and let them dry. Then, it was off for final assembly...

Since the piece is a little flimsy, it needs a little help. First, I redid all the seams from the outside and the inside with the adhesive. And next, I am going to base the piece up, which is a little weird for me, but necessary for this piece. I made a hole in the base, which really doesn't affect the strength of the piece but will allow me to put things like radar dishes (objectives), people, monsters (a cage), or battery powered votive candles (cool effect).

Here are both pieces put together and an extra filler piece for the hole. The dome is glued to the base and reinforced with some clay at the base.

This is them painted up. I use Krylon Fusion paint as a primer. It does a good job of covering anything, including granny grating, which has a reputation for being "unpaintable". After the silvering, redding, and washing, I sealed the whole thing with sealant.

So, this is the final product in context with the terrain I will use them with and a few VSF figures for reference. A straight on shot and an overhead, more likely the way you would see them in a game.


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