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Gatorsaurus Girls!t

Yep. You read that right. Gatorsaurus Girls! It was suggested as a compliment to my Sharktopus Men and I thought ... why not? I have some female orcs that are lying around waiting for some monstrous conversion or another.

This conversion will be like my Sons of Sobek, except that they are girls. And one other thing...

I didn't have enough female orcs to fill out the 13 I wanted, so I grabbed some 'Clix as extra bodies. These aren't as savagely dressed as the orcs, but they are fairly muscular and a bit oversized for 28mm. You can always count on 'Clix to have something out of scale for anything.

So, basic conversion. Cut the heads and tails off the 'gators. Meld them on to the bodies with putty. This time I used plumber's putty because it was left over from some home repairs and I didn't want it to go stale. So I used it up.

But that only gives us "gator girls". What about the "-saurus"?


Spines! That's what! So I sacrificed a few drink umbrellas from the bar ...

... folded them in half and glued ...

... then cut a section out of the middle to go on the girls' backs.

That's looking better. I just put them on with indoor industrial adhesive. That holds them on just fine without digging groves and sinking them into the back. You'd break some other part of the figure long before you would break that hold.

The start of the paint job was yellow underbellies, then blend hunter green in from around the back. Gold paint and black slotted pupils for the eyes. A light green highlighting and some dark brown for the clothing.

The big bosses are going at it front and center. I love a commander that leads from the front.

And since I had the umbrellas on the painting table, I grabbed a couple bottle caps and made some tables.

I have been meaning to do this for a while, and it seemed like the right time since they were out and being used (for something other than cocktails).


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