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Gourd Golems

Here are the bits for this build. Little seed pods from the craft store (I've used them before to make pumpkin headed men.), floral wire, and glue. These are going to be giant pumpkin monsters.

So, I started and built them from the bottom up. I let each stage dry for about five minutes (while I was doing something else) and then added the next layer. I was kind of adverse to the idea of making these anthropomorphic, but ended up doing so. I was afraid that without a reference, people wouldn't know what they are. The human form makes it obvious. Oh ... it's a monster. Made of pumpkins.

Since I have already done something out of character, I decided to keep that trend going. I'm not much for decorative bases, but really felt the need to have the earthy, plant elementals standing on dirt. Just seems right.

So here is my basic dirt concoction, used mainly for terrain. The brown is nutmeg brown, which is the darkest color for this dirt. Then I add in some sand. That white stuff is PVA. Paint won't hold down sand without it.

And here we see the golems all finished up. I drybrushed the bases with a couple of different browns after the base coat dried. Then I wrapped floral wire around the bodies, like vines. You may not see in the pic, but I also cut up a piece of astro turf that got caught in my shoes to make some leaves.


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