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Here is a set of giants I have. The are mostly Reaper giants, with a couple D&D giants thrown in. For consistency, even thought the Reaper ones are "different types" of giant, I give them all canela (cinnamon) color skin and red hair. This especially helps with the (was) green marsh giant on the right.

These are a couple of hands I picked up in a job lot at a convention. They are intended to be a giant's hands ripping a knight in half. But no giant.

No giant ... no problem. I can use the HeroClix Awesome Andy figure, like I have done before to make cyclopses and other giants.

Here he is after putting the hands on to Andy's body and giving him one of those GW ogre (?) heads. Not bad.

And what makes better giant cavalry than toy elephants? Especially ones too big to work with my 28mm figures. I just glue a napkin on top of him to make a "horse blanket".

And the rest is just maximizing that D&D giant who was in the awkward squatting position.

Here is also a better view of a couple of the D&D marsh giants. I modded the weapons for a bit of variety and the one on the left got, along with a HeroClix Lockjaw as a pup, a red mohawk harido. The one on the right got some papier-mâché clothes, again for variety, using napkins and PVA glue.