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Glad He Did What?

This is an overhead of some arena terrain, with some gladiators and a bit of an audience.

The arena is non-descript, but it is supposed to fade into the background instead of stand out. The action is in the dirt. And, of course, I could always use some more civilians. For every genre.

So these are just generic Romans, a bit rearmed. And dressed up in gaudy clothes. But circus is supposed to be entertainment, and the gladiators are far away from some of the audience. Being flashy helps.

That also may not be an authentic insignia on the shield there. But, then again, he is sinister ... left-handed ... so what do you expect. I do like making lefties in my forces. Variety.

And, of course, it's much more fun when it isn't just one on one ...

I don't know who this guy ticked off to get this draw. But the motion of the running figure just really aligns with the match-up, no?


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