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org Cube

So, I've done a Borg Cube project before. However, in this pic, you can see we're going for something a little different. I've got some el wire threaded through it.

Since I've done this before and this is sci-fi, we'll do a little time travel. Also since I forgot to take a picture of the lines I used to layout the el wire pattern. But basically, this is just a test run to check angles and fit (and amount of el wire) before I invest too much in making the piece.

So since this fits fine - the final will not have the wire so loose, but this was only a test fit - now I have to "tink" it. If you knit, you know "tink" is knit backwards. Instead of ripping a knitted part out, you work it backwards so it comes out nice. That's what I did with the el wire ...

... before doing this. I glued a bunch of sprue bits around the places where the wire will go on the finished project. Here's the time travel because you can see the lines better in this pic (and, as mentioned, I either forgot to take, or lost, the pic with just the box and the design guide lines). So wherever the wire will go - the purple lines - I leave a gap in the sprueification.

La da da da da da da da da Paint It Black. No link. You can find that song on YouTube by yourself. OK ... a link. While I do like the original Stones version, I also really like the Guy Mann-Dude version and figure that unless you already know that version exists, you won't be able to search and find out it exists. You're welcome.

So back to adding the el wire. An inside view. While pulling the wire tight and bending it make is fit as tight as I want, adding some Scotch tape helps keep it in place ... especially keeping it out of the way while I am threading it through. Knots tied in el wire while using this technique = zer0.

The tape also controls the el wire inside the box, so you can open the lid and easily reach in to turn it on or off, and change the batteries without getting tangled in slack.

And while taking pictures of light emitting things sucks unless you are really good at it (I am not), this shows a good representation of how it looks on the table. I showed the last one with Borg, so this one is shown with Necrons.

I should make another one so I can take its picture with spaceships.

This pic also give the best view of the light pattern. It's basic, angular, and repetitive. But I think it is enough to give the ship a little pizzaz! After all, Necrons are the glam hounds of the GW universe.