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Goblin Bat Cavalry

This guy is an Indigo Tribe recruit from DC's "War of the Light" story arc where the Green Lantern Corps wasn't satisfied with just having the yellow Sinestro Corps as an enemy, so we just did the whole box of crayons.

This 'Clix figure would make a nice giant bat (which I will do with a dozen or so that I have left), but right now we are all about goblin bat cavalry.

The "secret" to this ... I guess ... is these old 1 1/4" 'Clix dials and some old drywall anchors. These will be bases that let me have them flying instead of the standing pose the ITR comes in.

Then, it's just paint them up. Three shades of brown and highlight the collar (the ITR's clothes?) in bright silver, since they are mounts after all.

I did paint the faces and front details even though I intended to mount them facing down. Small level of effort for just in case you are moving them around or maybe taking a pic from the level of the table.

Plus, it was fun to paint.

The other technique is to paint the gobbos up yellow with red eyes and black, greasy (gloss sealant) hair. This makes the various bodies used have some consistency. The effect is increased when they are put with the rest of my ochre goblins.

I used a bunch of 'Clix I had in lousy croughing poses. The sculpts aren't lousy, I just don't do a lot of kneeling or crouching figures unless I have to. But that is a common dynamic pose for superheroes, so there are a number of clis like that.

I added some leftover Medieval ranged weapons, since I perfer that for air cavalry. You can click on this pic for a larger version of the finished project.