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Goblin Cavalry and Chariots

So ... what do goblins ride? Whatever I got!

In this case, I have a bunch of cheap plastic frogs and toads. Sounds pretty gobliny to me.

I don't really need them to sit down, which is good because these figures probably would not bend that well. Still gobbies are small, so they will look fine in the standing cavlary stance.

I think these figures are supposed to be orcs, since they are a little larger than the goblins. By being larger, they are eaiser to bend into a straddle of the mounts and they will be about the same height as the standers.

Also, my other goblins have various sizes that I believe are consistent with the realistic body morphology variability of fantasy figures. Painting them up yellow with red eyes will help tie the whole thing together.

But what about the chariots? Well, I am starting with a piece of thin card and cutting it into pieces about twice the base size of my goblins. About, not exactly. I don't imagine that goblins have great construciton process control.

  • UL put the base against one edge and fold up the front
  • UR fold that down then fold both sides up
  • LL rip the smallest newer folds
  • LR then glue the tabs to the back of the front

Take the nice three-sided chariot and add some wheels. For theses, I am using plastic steampunk gears. They are intended for making jewelry, and come cheap in big bags of many many pieces.

Here they are on 1"x2" bases, attached to frogs using some spare cross-stitch floss that SWMBO saves for me.

I did not glue the goblins in, so they can dismount to become infantry. And I can change out the goblins in them, such as maybe use archers instead of spears or maybe someday a mage. (Maybe even put some tricksy hobbitses in them...)

Here's the "right flank".

And the left flank.

So, if you can't tell which ones are the smaller and larger ones in this view ... or you are so overwhelmed by the splendorifious goblinness of the force that you don't care, they seem to make a good supplemental force for my goblin hordes.