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Crossing of Lines

This is a simple little idea for making some deformed looking guys for your fantasy games. These goblins are patterened off the Harry Potter goblins that are accountants for the whole magic world. Basically they are evil looking short people in fancy dress. Since I play 28mm, I am starting with some 18th Century 15mm minis. The clothes are fine. The heads are not and the swords are not either. I need disproportionately large heads and wands instead of swords.

So I go for a little chop-chop and off with their heads! I also separated the swords from the leg, shortened them, and repositioned the arms. This little bit of variety will distract from the fact that everyone is wearing exactly the same clothes. Also, a nice rule for picking figures for conversion is: has sword, needs wand = good; has wand, needs sword = bad. (Or has rifle, needs handgun = good; has handgun, needs rifle = bad, or maybe not bad, but just much harder).

You can also see some 28mm heads in the background. 15mm bodies + 28mm heads gives enough of a weird look that you don't have to do much else other than paint them up.

So, here they are painted. They are shown with some excellent 28mm sculpts by Bob Murch/Pulp Figures (wearing marginally adequate paint jobs by me) for comparison purposes. Again, because I was going for a HP look, I picked the pieces I did. You could easily do this with regular figure heads, or a different type of body. I have some other 15mm ancients on my table that will soon become a more primitive type of pixie and boggart. Cheers!


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