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Multiheaded Mutant Geese

As I was making the space slugs, I started accumulating a bunch of extra goose and swan heads. So, I set aside a few of the fowl to become multi-headed.

For the double-headers, I needed to take the heads off, so I could space the angles of the necks evenly. Not symmetrically, but I didn't want one normal and one off to the side.

A little plumber's putty in there fills in the gap quite nicely.

So, next was painting. I didn't want to go with white, too boring. I tried brown, but they still look a little flat to me

Metallic Paint to the rescue!

This is how they came out. I like the peacock feather effect. If I do some more, I might go ahead and pull one out for a spread metallic feather tail...

Here's a gaggle of them trying to explain the pecking order to some scifi soldiers.

And with the leader approaching, I bet that guy is glad he brought the bazooka!

I thnk these guys will work out quite nicely in scenarios against the Royal Kanadian Mutant Police!


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