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The Green Man

This is a Swamp Thing action figure toy. A cheap one.

So, first I love the Swamp Thing character. Classic and new. And I am sad that they can't make a good movie. I haven't seen the TV show yet, but apparently it was cancelled after 5 minutes of the pilot going on the air. I think it's just some legal "we have to make some crappy media every once in a while or we lose the cheap rights we got to the propery". Like FF.

Regardless of my rant, like the classic and new Alan Moore character, this toy has some good "bones". Even if it was poorly executed in this medium.

So that color scheme had to go. Here he is with half a dozen colours of brown to highlight the sculpt and the beautiful use of space.

For my final piece, I want to preserve a lot of those details and especially the voids. The only voids I want to fill are the seams in the action figure that give it posability. This figure has fewer than most, but I will still use my tried and true "jam some greenstuff in the joints to hold the fig in place and fill the seams", then smooth it over" technique. In this case, I had to also add some grooves to line up with the existing sculpt.

This horrible animation shows me taking a picture of the figure, then using a crappy paint program to sketch out some possible augments for the piece. While I usually say, "Too much is never enough.", I don't want to overdo the conversion and lose the awesome in this figure.

This shows the start of my final decision. Just a mantle on the shoulders and some green at his feet.

I am using some green paint with sand and glue to map the areas for adding dried moss. The undercoat helps me scope where to apply the glue for the moss and provides a green colour in the background where there will be gaps. A basecoat, of sorts.

This pic also shows the pain associated with this type of mod. I am doing layer and layer and layer of addition to the figure. That requires letting the glue on the last round of additions to dry before moving on. Just like I didn't do for the base before taking this picture.

But the payoff for the patience (or the doing a bit, then working on other projects while that bit dries) is, IMHO, a nice Swamp Thing or Green Man figure.

Somewhere in there I added the "crown" ... some bent bits of wire that look like twigs. Definitely in line with the Green Man idea and not off topic if I need a giant Swamp Thing for a DC comics scenario.