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Film Noir Characters

This is about the joy of HeroClix. Beyond spandex-clad superbeings, 'Clix now has a lot of modern civilian and civilian-like figures. Since we're dialing the dynamism back a bit, we'll also dial back the color ...

... like this! I took a splotch of white and a splotch of black in my paint cup and just mixed them around making lighter and darker shades. Hundreds of greys in there.

These guys make good film noir toughs. The bubble goggles give the four Blue Beetle figures some choesion with the Wasp leader figure. Some simple arm work gives the crew a little variety.

Everyone looks more 1940's in black and white.

And odd characters start looking more odd.

Even the ladies.

And what is film noir without some mad scientists?

Nothing special to say other than these are the last few civvies.

'Course you don't need to stop at civilians for black and white film fodder.

Or aquatic monsters. Again, a few arm repoisitionings mix it up just enough.

And since I was doing grey, I did up a few more cultists in grey robes. These guys are a little too consistent and vanilla for me, so I went with three rebasing options ... plinth included, no plinth, and no feet.

Because nobody can have too many grey robed cultists.

Even if they don't match my classic papier-mâché cultists.

One last bit ... I did do some b&w superheroes, too. After all, if we go back to black and white, we can give Batman two Bob Kane approved handswaps.


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