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Gnome Star Republic and Mexicagnomes

This is one in a series of projects building units (the smallest autonomous forces) for Brigade Games' Gnome Wars. It's a nice little game, and plays well at conventions. We heard about it at the Old Dominion Military Society's semi-annual gaming conference. Had a good time at the con playing and really like the figures. So we got some, but, of course, we can't just paint 'em up and go, so here is our take on the American Southwest in the 19th century.

This choice may have been influenced by the fact that my daughter is going to the University of Texas at Dallas. But it presents a good challenge. How do I take two copies of one set of figures and make two distinct forces from them? Well, the first thing I did was cheat. You may notice Davy Crocket in front there. You may also notice he is not from the Southern American gnome set. He's a german officer. But that hat was much easier to convert into a 'coonskin cap, so I reallocated him. Besides that, I took my pliers and nippers to the hats. The GSR guys all have slightly different hats, where as the Mexicagnomes will play it straight.

Along with the variation in the hats, I gave them a wide range of colors for their paint scheme. They're all consistent and share common colors, but each gnome is different. Like a rag-tag, pick-up militia.

The Mexicangnomes, however, get uniformity. There was no choice with shakos, so I had to settle for sensible pracitcal desert colors and get the uniformity with the paint scheme. Where I didn't play it straight is they get a low-rider for a tank.

... and we set them up for the Battle of the Alagnome. Sure. Why not?


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