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WarHammer 40K Dark Eldar Haemonculi Constructs

Grotesques, Talos, Cronos

So, WH 40K has this subfaction called Haemonculi, which is basically a trick misspelling of "homonculi" that allows them to copyright the name. Not a bad thing. However, $30-$40 is a little steep. Plus, the idea of a homonculus is that it is a constructed being anyway, so the whole idea seems to be dripping with conversion juice. Here we see some HeroClix Awesome Andy figures that will be the base of the unit and a bunch of MechWarrior Clix to provide mecha parts for them.

So, for the Talos/Cronos, we need a turtle shell to go on their backs. Not sure why, but that's what they're made of. Since they come on a 60mm base, I the standard plastic Easter egg is about the right size to make their shells. In the upper left, on the left, you can see that starting with but cutting at the top and pressing down is a bad idea. The egg cracked. However, if you draw a line (even a rough one) along the inside to divide it in half, you can drag a knife along the line and get a good cut. Just fo a little texture, the halves are glued together shortand with some edge overlap.

The next step is to prep the bodies. So I decapitated them all and cut off a bunch of the hands (that will get mechanical parts). The two Talos and Cronos are floaty things, so they need their legs removed as well (wonder what I can do with those ...). Also note the two HeroClix Electro pieces ... their electric arcs will go on the Cronos' hands after assembly and painting.

Rather than go step-by-step with the assemblys, I will just comment on the finished pieces. Pretty much I just helter-skelter around the pieces adding this and that until I am satisfied with no real plan. After all, these are cobbled together beings. Plus, if you are dissatisfied after the fact, you can always glom on more stuff!

One important element is that since these guys don't have faces ... they have dark helmets ... I used a bunch of plastic bug thoraxes as heads.

So the Talos and Cronos are pretty straightforward here. Guns and cutty-sharp things on the arms. One other piece that I used ... the scorpion tail is a Lego Bionicle piece. The Cronos' are supposed to have some life sucking thing, so I added the electric arcs to one hand.

The spiky bits are just glued on to the back with household adhesive. No guide holes. The household adhesive is tough enough to hold a window together in weather, it should hold spiky bits on. They did pass the blood test. That is, when I poked myself in the finger with one, it drew blood instead of breaking off.

The one on the right has a MechWarrior gun and a large, postapocalypic gun. The one on the right has a leftover RoboGear fist and a gun made out of a flight stand. The blood tubes are just bits of wire. They did get a pilot hole.

Here we find hand weapons for Grotesques. The one on the left is just abody part from a MechWarrior on a stick. The megabattleaxe is constructed out of a bunch of other 40K axes (Ork ones, I think...) that were lying around.

Here, the leader Grotesque has his helmet split open. I constructed it from the bug wings instead of the thoraxes. I don't know if any of the Grotesques proper actually have faces, but this one gets one.


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