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Hazmat Technicians

This is the Marvel Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M) agent. Basically a minion for a supersecrety scientist organization. Also, in the suit with the hood and no individual face, probably pretty easy to draw, expecially in hordes.

I've used the body, sans hood to make lots of civilian conversions. It does fairly well for jeans and a leather jacket or other baggy/loose-fitting clothing. But I haven't made a hazmat team yet. And I need one as a plot driver/HVU for a scenario.

So, the basic idea is take the gun (these are techs) and kit them out with equipment that is a good blend of recognizable and yet still generic.

As well as gun removal and a couple arm repositions, I painted the backpacks brown so they would stand out from the yellow suit.

This is a good view of the "detector" - a piece of 22 gauge insulated wire with a little plastic disc on the end - and "auxillary" carrying some kind of kit bag made with a letfover WechWarrior bit ... boxy and technology looking, becoming a bag when you stick it to the hand like that. This pic also gives you a better view of "big arm" which is a leftover cyborg arm from another kit.


This one shows "gegier" guy with a detector box (another MW bit) and a detector wand (a bit of plastic rod).

The important thing is to get them out there in some harsh environments looking for residual radiation or chemicals from kauji eggs, alien crash pods, and recently unearthed antedilluvian horrors.