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Khorne Hellbrute

I have already scratchbuilt a Red Corsairs Hellbrute. One of the benefits of my approach of taking a mech beaten into bits and using half to make a half mech/half undead flesh monster is I still have another half to try again.

I am scaling this one against an official dreadnought since the bits I have are not necessarily the right scale. But we can make it work.

I'm also using a "armature" for this one ... a ball of tinfoil to go inside. This gives me a solid bit to fill in the space where all the iternal bits are. Tin foil is great for this in mechs, vechicles, and even bulidings if you don't need to see the inside. It makes them sturdier than if they were hollow.

Here are the other major bits - an arm, chest, and back from the figure the leg came from, a lefover helmhead to make a skull from, and a proper dreadnought weapon.

Im doing the organic bits first, then I will put the mechanical bits on the outside. I don't know if this is a "better" approach than the way I did the Red Corsairs one, but it felt right for the effect I was going for.

The tinfoil core also helps me put a pin (just some rolled up thick card) in the gun and shoulder to hold it in place firmly.

And I wrap the undead organic bits in mechanica bits and armour plating (thin card this time).

This is a bit I am proud of. I didn't have a big 40K close combat weapon. So instead I ended the big arm in three regular size orc arms with swords. Chaosy and close combat brutal.

Here he is with some other Khorne forces.