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Classic Fantasy Demons

So, we're working with a couple of Reaper classic demon models from their "Bones" line, which are resin casts of their metal lines. The resin ones are cheaper and much easier to work with. As you can see by these two guys, Balor and Agramon, they also do not lack for detail.

What I didn't like about these guys, though, were their heads. They seemed to be mismatched to me. I thought Agamon's head was too big for his smaller frame and vice versa for Balor. So I swapped them out.

Not much to tell about a head swap. This was much easier with the resin figures than it would have been with metal ones. Even though the resulting demon's body is scaly and the head not, I think these go together pretty well. I drybrushed metallic bronzes and golds over the brown base color to help unify the parts.

I feel both the bigger head and the angle it ends up at (looking down at smaller figures) will work better on the table than the original.

And I had two Balors (oops!), so I did a little more extensive conversion using a plastic toy cow. I also made some surrogate hands from dinosaur feet, which left me with a more basic figure (no whip and sword) AND left me a good range of useful parts ... head, whip, sword, wings .. to use on other conversions.


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