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Modern Female Demon

I am using the HeroClix She-Hulk figure for a conversion again. It's a great figure with well sculpted musculature. And it is in a nice open, but still dynamic pose. While it doesn't apply to this mod, the head has nice hair, but is still easy to remove.

But enough of that. Today, we're making a modern age female demon. Kind of a Hellgirl compliment to Hellboy

She Hulk will be the base of the figure. I am stealing the hooves from the Fury figure and a right arm from an oni figure (it came with two options; this is the one I didn't use). After this pic, I decided to go with horns, so I cut the ends off a recurve bow from a set of plastic Numidians.

After cobbling the pieces together, I added some clay on the legs to make a pair of baggy jeans. Then I painted her up nice and red and gave her a white t-shirt and blue jeans. It's hard to tell from the pic, but I tend to give female figures metallic red lips. I went with metallic copper paint for this one.

And here she is next to a Hellboy as a reference somewhere in the Raiders of the Lost Squirrel scenario...


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