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Hinterland Miniatures

So, here are some Hinterland Miniatures Napoleonic Era female combatant figures. I like the scuplts and the uniforms. While Napoleonics generally aren't my genre, the uniforms will work well into the mid- and late- 19th Century where most of my gaming is.

In fact, these Prussians or Austrians are going to supplement my German WWI forces.

Likewise, these sailors can work well into the Early 19th Century.

But I do like to go a bit further afield than just painting things up and stretching where they can be used.

So, since I had some horses left over from moving my Hät El Cid cavalry of horses on to camels, I thought I could take a go at taking the Hinterland Camel Cavalry and moving them to the leftover horses.

Size wise, the horses work well, and I like the horses with this style of colonial uniform, since it allows them to operate in more environments.

They painted up well in my Imaginations Carpathio-Transylvanian-Wallachian Empire (Slobovia) color scheme.

And blend well with the other figures, which are from Bob Murch's Pulp Figures line.

Even though the Hinterland minis are of slighter build than the Pulp Figures ones, they are still nice and compatible. Even in small groups and close up.

But we can be even more exotic with cavalry. First, we mount the Hussars on top of some plastic toy tigers.

And since the Hussars came with an extra head, we can use this HeroClix Corsair figure as a cavalry body for the extra head.

And give the ladies a nice leader.

I will take some Industrial adhesive to the sides of the smooth tiger faces to give them more face fur. And I am going to cut the rounded ears to make them pointy.

Which gives us a good head shape to paint the "tigers" up as giant lynxes!

Again, going with the Sloboian paint scheme to make some wintery mountain cavalry, which IMHO goes better with the Hussar hats.

But what to do with the camels? Well, Hinterland also produces a desert Adventuress vignette.

But they do need a man there. Not that he's necessarily worth anything, but he's still needed.

Since this vignette appears very British to me, the HeroClix figure with the bowler seems to be a good choice to convert into a seated position.

And add to one of the empty camels. The rest can be part of the baggage train that accompanies our intrepid crew.