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Post Apocalyptic Hog Riders

Hot Wheels are a good source for motorcycles (and ATV's, jetskis, snowmobiles, etc.; pretty much any individual rider vechicle) for 28mm. Since the toys are sized to a package instead of built to a scale, the bikes generally look OK with figures in the 1:56 scale range. Give or take. Add in that they are pretty cheap (and often on sale) and have a good level of detail, it makes a reasonable package.

How close to scale? Here they are out of the package next to three different styles (and manufacturers') figures. This specific bike is really a bit large. But I like the style for the postapoc raider project and being weaned on Judge Dredd, my aesthetic base holds no concept for "that motorcycle is too big."

So, the bikes are a bit big, and I'm not using figures designed to be mounted cavalry. A little surgery is in order.

I fit the figures on the bikes, using a dab of ProCreate to seam the legs back together.

Another important part of the postapoc vibe is bunches of packages. For this project I decided to go with enough to evoke the vibe, but not really enough if you planned out what people were actually carrying and how they would carry it. The other way to go is to ridiculously overburden each one with packages, bedrolls, boxes, and sacks. Since these guys are raiders, I went light.

But what are those hogs for?

Alternative energy, of course! Just remove the front wheel, add a few bits of sprue and a little dental floss for reins, and we now have raiders on chopped hogs!

Here's the first mounted/dismounted figure pair. I went with jeans, white shirts, and green caps as the unifying "colors" for this "gang". I was going to add in John Deere logos and such, but that wasn't happening over the holiday break without good paintbrushes.

The duster could id this guy as a team leader. I also went for some variety by not having this guy carrying a weapon while mounted. He also gets a Stihl chainsaw (I'm getting no product placement payments, but am not above it :) on his bike and dismounted.

The back facing ballcap helps distinguish this guy from the first. As does the large weapon.

And the last one. Pretty similar to the main three, but with a different style weapon to provide visual distinction on the battlefield.


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