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Check My Hoopty!

As well as an attempt to convince you that your vision is failing, this pic is also an attempt to show you the cardboard tube in the middle of duct tape rolls and a vew other bits and bobs.

Bits and bobs like these HeroClix figure bases. Since we're making giant round wheely vehicles, I figured we needed some more round wheely things for greeblies.

The round bits go on the outside and define the cockpit as well as add some interest to the shape. I have used electrical tape and some thin striping tape to make the tire treads. The bottom (where you can't see gets those two pegs. That keeps it from rolling on the table when you want it to stand still.

And really, you just paint them up. These two aren't fighting each other. They're just showing two different sides of the vehicle.

I mean, they could be fighting each other, if need be ...

The close up gives you a better greeblie view and shows that a duct tape tube can comfortably seat two (on 25mm bases).

This is entirely unrelated to the wheely things. I just didn't want to make a new article for this.

But she is a nice ride. The classic deodorant stick floating car.

See ... some gamers do use deodorant.