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Row Houses

This is a craft store papier-mâché project base. It's a little out of scale for 28mm, but not too much.

Like every house, it needs a little work.

In the back there, I've bent a piece of cardboard to make an interor second floor. Basically, the two side walls will support the floor. Because they will block the outer downstairs windows, I will need to paint them to be ersatz "curtains".

I've also made some small strips, like I used to square off the windows on my foam ruin project. Making window frames will make the piece "pop" just enough. And I used the extra cardstock to make some doors.

I've glued the strips on the windows. Just the outsides. And all the interior walls will just be white. That also means the inside of the second floor support will have to be white too, to match.

Since I am not getting a 4th of July parade at my in-laws this year, I thought I would put something together for these two quaint little row houses.

The grey one will go well for my Addams Family minis, as well as expanding the buildings I have for my black and white figures. And, other than that, it's just a grey house.

The interior floor allows Uncle Fester to peer out from the top floor window.

I gave this one a parquet style floor. Both have a space for the stairs between floors, but I did not put in stairs. It's enough to give an indication of where the relevant chokepoint and terrain is inside the house.

Just like the back doors I added. They're just glued on the outside of the building. But they give an indication that a tactical advance to the rear is possible.