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Hot Rod Spaceship

Making a "big" spaceship today. I'll model it somewhat off the Star Trek Entrprise, but this one will be a smokin' hot rod.

I have the potatochip tubes (Lay's Pringle-like knock offs). If I add an Easter egg on one end and a juice bottle cap (my fave scifi ship exhaust) to the other, it is a ... erm .. nacel? Star Trek engine pod. The body will be a big creamer bottle, and the saucer section, two frisbees.

For the saucer section, I need smoething to hold the frisbees together, so I'm putting a strip of corrugated cardboard to anchor the saucer together, and to add a little flash. It almost looks like he's grinning at you.

To hold the other parts together, I will use some dowel rods.

I first augured two holes in the engine, then put the rods in them. To align the holes up, I put paint on the ends of the dowels and press them against the next piece. In this case it is the outside of the body.

Then I slide them through the new holes to mark the inside of the body. Then next to the side of the other engine.

Since I am doing this manually (without precision measurement), there is a little bit of wiggle in the operation.

And we do the same thing with two dowels up from the body to the bottom of the saucer.

Putting them together, I put Kneadatite (green stuff) on the ends of the dowels, and slide them all the way inside.

Then I add a gasket of Kneadatite around the holes where the dowels go in.

Here's an interim view of fixing them all together. You can see that the rods are not perfectly parallel.

So I added a little bit of rod as a spacer to hold them a constant distance apart.

The dowels are not very nice looking, so I wrapped them with some thin cardboard.

The "wings" are just wrapped around in a box. The "neck" was a multipart approach. First, I used a piece of paper to size the gap, cutting it until it fit. Then I drew the curved shape to make a template. I glued two curved pieces on the neck supports, then fit strips on top of the curves.

Then we paint her up! Hot rod red with a darker colour underneat. The a gold splash from the front back. And the icing on the cake ... hot rod flames!

So, in this picture, there are some 28mm figures and some 15mm figures.

I figure this ship is a good size for about 30 28mm figures, 75 15mm figures, or a couple hundred 6mm figures. It would also moake a nice mother ship for a space ship combat game.