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Ah ... the Smurves! Movies on a regular basis and cheap toys you get free with fast food kids' meals. I don't have little kids anymore and I don't eat a lot of fast food. But the kids' meal is not bad to grab if you're on the road, in a hurry, need food, and don't want to eat a lot of fast food.

Also, SWMBO got me a few extra toys at the cost of a couple of bucks.

... actually, she got me quite a few of them! :)

So, they have lift off roofs and built in windows. All the other detail is on a paper insert. You get to color the paper insert, so if I get around to doing that, I may use them for the interior of the houses. But for now, I want to make them match my red with white dot other mushroom terrain.

So, I just painted them up.

The gables and chimneys on these are nice. They have a reasonable amount of sculpted detail and each color of roof is unique. Once you vary the color of stuff for the matching roof types, there is no repetition.

Since the doors were on the insert, I need to make doors. Fortunately, I often add doors (and windows) to the outside of containers to make terrain. It just starts with a piece of cardboard that we can bend to match the curvature of the house.

Then we do a set of different patterns. Using a black ball point pen to add detail to the door works well. When you paint over it with a couple of coats, the black still bleeds through and gives a good effect without adding a wash.

The two on the left have door frames. Just fold the other bit over and it adds a little more 3D depth to the door.

Speaking of 3D detail, with some wire strippers, we can take of a little insulation from electronics wire to make hinges and handles for the doors.

All assembled, they are ready to make a nice Gnome Wars village.