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Hovertank Conversion and Turret Options

In the garage sale room (or whatever it is called) of Historicon, I picked up a couple of good deals. I've already posted one of them. But I got a few more. This tank was also a "gift with purchase" type thing. It is a bit miscast, and not really my scale. But for a scifi tank, too big is still not big enough. So I'm going to use some bits and bobs to make a floating hover tank and a few more over the top options for the turret.

So starting with the bits and bobs, I made a couple of bottle cap pods. I do a lot of them - these are really flexible and useful. And I happened to have to capsules from Kindereggs, so I threw them on, too. All in all, this makes a nice propulsion system for the tank.

A few more thread spools, bottlecaps, and tape rolls later, we have a death ray and a couple of other turrets as options. The hole in the tank just fits the liner on the inside of a medium side pill-bottle, so I will likely build a number of other options, as needed for scenarios.

Here is a finished option, with the regular turret. Not sure if you can tell through my photography, but there are six different shades of grey on that (including silver), as well as a black wash and white light drybrushing. The base is just a pice of cardboard with a pill bottle on it. Instead of gluing it to the base, I put a bottlecap on the bottom, so it fits inside the mouth of the pill bottle. So it rotates on its base. I can also swap it out. I can land the hovertank directly on the ground, making a nice mechanic - you have to spend a turn to get it on the "flying" base before moving it from a dead start. And vice versa for landing/disembarking.

Here's the death ray deployed. The reference figure is Farrah, Sci Fi Heroine, from Reaper's Chronoscope line.

Here are the other turrets. Maybe a comm one, maybe a death weather machine. And you always need a howdah to survey your conquests. I also like the Überdalek mode of stacking the two on top. I did take care to make sure the inside of the howdah would take a post for a regular turret option. Again, too big is still not big enough. How will I make one to stack three high? ... maybe something with arms?


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