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Lizards in Space

I got some GW lizard men for the purpose of tunring them into Lizards in Space by swapping their fantasy weapons with scifi guns. Pretty simple.

My fantasy lizards are red and green, so I picked another colour scheme - ochre with brown wash.

Here's a closeup of a lizardman and a skink (little lizard dude). I think they are still quite lizardy.

Not one to leave well enough alone, I also had some scifi triceratops men to work with and just some other stuff.

The three Clix that I have to go with this theme are (left ot right): Triceraton (something from TMNT, I guess), Abomination (Hulk's angry cousin), and The Lizard (my fave (and one of my first) Spider-Man enemy).

The Lizard is, of course, already quintessentially lizardy. The triceratons are close enough, and in this case, they have scifi guns already. Abomination will take a little work. He will need some snoutage and a tail.

Using the unifying magic of colour scheme, these guys can now work with my other space lizards.

The dinos were just repaints. In bulk.

I wanted my three character figures to stand out more. After the converty bits - greenstuff snout and greestuff around a bit of wire as an armature tail, I gave the two Abominations GW speece mareenez terminator gun arms. Big dudes. Big guns.

Being a fave of mine, The Lizard gets to be the unique leader, so I gave him some leftover Mechwarrior bit as an arm. He's a cyborg. And he doesn't have a gun.

When someone without a gun wanders on to a laser blasting battlefield, pay attention. Either they're about to become a piece of squishy, slick terrain or you are!

And one last pic of the whole mishpocha.