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Primitive Huts

I grabbed a bag of sale decorations after (last) Easter. I guess the woven stick thing is a trendy decoration nowadays. Or something.

Regardless, large woven branches are a good way to make primitive dwellings.

I cut the "eggs" in half. No small trick, since they were wrapped around a thick metal wire frame. I needed to use my clippers instead of just scissors, so check that if you go scrounging.

Then some basic brown for branches.

The paper towels (textured!), will be Papier-mâchéd on the inside to give a tanned hide look. I considered layering over the outside too. I may do that later sometime, if I grab more similar things on sale.

Here are some huts with 28mm pulp style figures.

And here they are with goblins, making larger dwellings for figures in the 15mm tall range.