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A Couple More Dreadnoughts

Here are a couple borken GW 40K dreadnaughts I got. The legs on the base and the bodies. For one, the body was missing the front, so I filled it up with snakes. A reasonable thing to do, I guess. For the other one, I had to look up if 40K has Dreadnought Librarians. They do, so I am going to make an appropriate size sword from this action figure sword.

I have chopped down the sword. I also added some armour plating in front of the snakes, basically to hide the mess. But the card pieces are cut to look like the armour on the other one. And I've added the Iron Snake insignia to them, with a multi-deaded snake on the pauldron for the Hydra-Dreadnought.

P> Here they are finished up, with some IS compatriots.

The hydra one has seven heads. A decent start.

P> The librarian is gripping the sword in his claw hand. I went with the dynamic pose. Librariabs, like SWMBO, tehd to be dynamic.