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Terrain Bits with Value!

Wood Buttons are a great woodworker's friend. Counter sink the screws, pop them on top, and you have a nice looking surface.

But they kind of look like 'shroomz, n'est-ce pas?

And with a little paint they look a lot like 'shroomz.

And these ones look a lot like a different kind of 'shroom. They match my giant 'shroomz and many of my gnome houses. Even with the different paint spots, they are "identical". Maybe more like indistinghishable. Can't tell one from the other.

But when you flip 'em over, you can. So I am using these as terrain decor, but with a purpose. These can be any type of numbering system for whatever you want to put in a scenario. I have used them for several things, the best one was "strength of explosion for gunfire that missed the target". Just keep them face down, shuffle, and deploy for a random distribution of ... well ... stuff. But stuff you need.

And a similar thing, these are paint bottle caps that have been painted with two tones of grey. Indistinguishable generic "barrels" for scatter terrain/cover.

And they, too get "indicators" underneath. These are some tokens for a game I got for the minis. But I can use them for a non-linear distribution of explosions. Or maybe victory points for securing that barrel. Or whatevers.