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The Saucers Are Coming!

OK, so this one is really this simple. Grab some toy cars of various sizes (or toy car wheels, if you have them separately). Press some clay into the hubcap and pull it back out. The let is set (air dry, bake, fire, whatever you do to the clay you use). Now just base 'em up and paint 'em. The cool thing is you end up with a nice degree of detail for next to no effort. Since I am using Crayola Model Magic (a cheap air dry), they are pretty easy to cut the flash off of later. If you use something like Fimo or Sculpey, it is probably better to do this before you bake them.

So here's the kind of thing you can do with them. Flying saucer(ette)s of various stripe. There's a little metal roomba in there (or power droid, or whatever ... honestly, flying robo-drones are scifi cool, but one on the ground with treads is probably much more effective - harder to detect, shoot, disrupt, etc.). I saved a few of the brass colored ones for a later steampunk project, held out two to be turbine blades, and made a nice little red crab-thing. I am also primed with the yellow and red veined ones for the next time I need to make a giant-trioptical beast. You'd be surprised how often that kind of thing pops up around here.

I apologize that the color didn't come out too well. There are little brass nibs on the saucers as well as colored sections. The strong light and shiny nature makes them bleed into a common wash in the pictures. All my failed photomanipulations had the things looking like Andy Warhol prints before the color stood out enough. Rest assured, these guys will look even cooler with some color.

This size wheel made nice 28mm robo-drones. They would probably work as small crew assault craft for 6mm. If you had larger (... or smaller?) toy car wheels, then you could make some different size things, as well. Easy-Peasy.

I did a little dressing up of a few of them. The "antennae" on the one are just sword hilts glued on. The tail fins are leftover mini shark tail fins. Of course, you could easily stick weapons in the underside of them, like I did with the crab legs.



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