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The Incredibles

Here are some superheroes that really want to become other superheroes. Incredible superheroes. Specifically, the Incredibles.

From the left we have a Marvel kid super who will become Dash. The Blob who will become the out of shape Mr. Incredible. A Silk (Spidey villian) and an Invisible Kid to piece out for Violet. And last, a Spider Girl and Mr. Fantastic to piece out for Elastigirl.

Here they are with base red coats on.

I decided to go with one stretchy arm for Elastigirl. Dash will get one of the smoke clouds from his base as a speed trail. I think I will piece Violet out with an arm and a leg on opposite sides. This will give her a diagonal flow line and keep it from looking like two figures spliced together.

But what about Jack-Jack? I couldn't find parts, so I decided to scuplt a baby shape out of clay and put it in a stroller I made from sprue bits.

Started with the two X's. Then did the crossbars as I stood them up, and finally the wheels. A bit of fabric fills out the carrier role.

The baby shape is basic. A big, oval head, the arms, and the body/legs (which are upside down WRT the arms in this pic. Not a lot of detail ... I will do the cowlick with liquid latex. But when you paint him up and put him in the stroller, I think it will be a very recognizable little tyke.

And presto ... here they are.