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Industrial Ruins in 15mm

So, you've seen these before. They are supports necessary to position 3D printed objects for optimal printing efficiency and speed. This plastic, however, is not recyclable, otherwise it would just get chucked back with the raw materials. Instead, Daugter Of Mine saved her workplace some disposal cost by bringing them to me for use as terrain.

I've done one 28mm funky crystal project with some. Now it's time for some 15mm sci fi terrain.

I will be using CD as bases, and augmenting with other bits and bobs I have lying about. Industrial ruins always need tanks.

That isn't to say they can't look nice by themselves. This is my fave arrangement. The two supports with the other bit precariously balanced (well, really glued into place, but get into character here...) overhead makes a great ruined bit.

This is my first set. Tweleve in all. Ready to be primed ...

... grey! This grey primer will be the base color for the ruins and give a nice industrial undercoat to the whole thing.

Now they just need some ground color, nutmeg, to match my other basic dirt terrain. I added some clay bits for a little variety.

And spill over from various noxious green chemicals.

I also had a good time drybrushing on various rust, vertigris, filth, and pigeon poop colors from the top down.

Here's an overhead of a few of them. As well as evoking the industrial ruin, these do a good job at providing configurable interfering and blocking terrain to create various tactical challenges.