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Iron Snakes Jet Bikes

This is a HeroClix Black Knight figure. I have used it as a base for Judge Dredd jet (and wheeled) bikes in the past. This time I am going to use it to make som Iron Snakes jetbikes.

Sometimes I leave the legs on, sometimes I take the legs off. For this project, I will leave the legs on ... but ... I also add a little greenstuff to give the legs bell bottoms. 40K Speeece Mareeeenz gotta have bellbottoms.

While the Iron Snakes are 100% behind the 10 man team, I am only making six right now becuase I only have six legless SM torsos (I have the extra four HC BK figures), and those need a little extra attention (you can see some additional greenstuff for a pauldron). The IS are 10 man team rigid, but they are also combined arms heavy at the team level, so I can just distribute these to as many teams as I want. I may also come back and do the additonal four later, either when I get more job lot torsos or if I decided to conduct a legectomy for some other project.

Just mash them together and paint them up now. Here's the whole IS force I have to date, with the jetbikes right up front.

And a close up of the jetbikes. I mirrored the pauldron insignia standard for the jetbikes (and the land bikes in the background there). I made two different heights, three each. I like the variety and it also helps you pack them into a tighter formation without bumping the protruding bits.

Here's an extra shot with dimmed lighting showing the LEDs in the IS Knight Titans. I have a red one and a green one now.

Going forward with this:

  • Four more jet bikes
  • Eight more land bikes (maybe ... they're expesive and rate in job lot offers
  • I don't like the tank ... I'm thinking WWI MK IV Female tanks for the IS
  • I only need three more terminator armour figures to make a set of ten, though these are more likely to be distributed than a whole team. One needs to be an apothecary since I already have a chaplain and a librarian, as well as two unhelmeted females to go with the other female units.
  • Always more infantry! (Maybe another Dreadnought, too ... the one I have is Hecate themed (two torches and a dog), maybe Hades themed for the next one.)