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More Junkyard

I already had some junkyard terrain and have been wanting to do some more, so after I found an old box of models, I decided to use some of them to get that going.

The basis of this is a 3"x6" baseplate upon which to mount various types of junk, trash, and other things to create an interesting maneuver and line of fire environment.

I made some new baseplates (the originals were foamcore, these are corrugated cardboard) and painted them to look like weathered concrete.

One of the challenges working with random bits, like the model car body, is that they are not designed to be mounted on a surface. There aren't good attachment points. So I make some. I took some scrap balsa, held it inside the edges of the car body, added glue and pressed it down. Once the glue dries, I will have a nice custom fit corner to glue the body to.

Rinse, repeat. Beyond the scrap models, I added several other "treasures" I have been hodling on to. See..? We do actually use that stuff!

And here's how they look in a layout with some figures in there.

This is a nice shot showing some elevation differences, and the guy just behind the fence who is inside a mouthwash bottlecap that makes a nice protective barrel. Hard to hit him in there, and also hard to get in and out of.

I like this clutter shot, too. It also shows painting the under side of the chassis but leaving the body the original colour.