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The Jurassic World Cup

A little algebra for you ... Jurassic World + World Cup = Jurassic World Cup.

For game day this month (yessterday), we put together this game of Troll Ball using (fanciful) Prehistoric teams.

The teams are spread relatively evenly across the board. Each team has a red poker chip representing their goal. You can score on any team's goal except your own.

The ball (a weak Troll Ball ball) starts in the center of the board. Instead of resetting the ball after a goal, the goals are removed from the board and used as scoring chips.

Lead with your strength. The T-Rex was a one figure team all by itself. Extremely powerful and capable, but lacking teammates to pass to, her best bet is to hit hard and fast. Also, psychologically, while everyone is afraid of mixing it up with her, everyone is also afraid of letting her run around without beating her down a bit.

A six-die behemoth, the player just kept all its dice with her at her seat.

Next team ... five raptors. With decent, but not stellar offense and defense, this squad really relies on their speed to maneuver around, then get in and out for a quick kill or goal steal.

For QILS aficionados, they had one all purple die and two all-white dice. The chips were used to track the all white dice for each unit. For non-QILS players, an all white die doesn't contribute to combat or defense, but does contribute to movement and absorbs damage (like hit points). So rather than tracking three dice and their status for five guys, you only need to keep track of the chips moving with the raptors.

Zombie Dinosaurs (from a different game) made another reptiliad side. They are slower, but more tenacious than the raptors. And a little weaker, so there are a few more.

The zeds were two die figures with the same die (swordsman from the rules), so the chips here just told whether they were full strength or down to one die.

Leading the charge for the mammals is a pair of giant apes. These guys have the least variability in their performance, so they are the easiest to plan with. Taking advantage of that big, mammalian brain, I see.

These two-die bruisers were able just to carry their dice on their base.

Cavemen. Ungah. Bungah. Slow. Weak. But, there's sure a lot of them. Also, they were the only ones with a ranged attack (the rock throwing figures only).

Both styles were one-die figures, so we only needed two dice for the whole 24-man squad.

And we had some Sleestak (who also had a ranged attack) and their dog(?), but didn't have a player for them, so they sat out.

We had several types of terrain:

  • Mud Pits - just hindering terrain
  • Giant Mushrooms - blocks movement and the ball
  • Trees - blocks movement and hinders the ball
  • Hills - slows uphill, adds to movement downhill
And just to make things fun, we didn't count the T-Rex base as blocking terrain.

One other thing. We had a meteor strike as the clock. I started with this ball of newspaper, tied on a string to the overhead light. Then I completely covered it in duct tape. I used a chip clip to hold it at the appropriate height.

The string was 40" long. We had a deck of cards with 3's and 2's (for move the meteor 3" and 2" respectively) that added up to 40 (from two deck with the same back). Then we randomly picked 2 cards from 5 aces (1" move each) and one joker (no move) and added them. Next were four kings (one of each suit) and another joker; again secretly selected to and added it to the 2's and 3's (and aces/jokers). Last we picked two from a 6, 7, 8, 9, and joker and added them to the movement deck, the shuffled it up.

After each round, we drew a card and moved the meteor down. The kings were for a meteor-induced earthquake. There were four matching king on the four compass points of the board. An earthquake moved everyone on that side of the board 2" away from the center and the ball 2" toward the center.

T-Rex started out taking a bite out of the monkeys (successfully) with the raptors and zeds racing to the ball while the cavemen slowly spread out and the monkeys positioned for some retaliation.

T-Rex got to the ball first, and booted it toward the zed/caveman side of the board. The raptors held back, and the monkeys decided to hang back and mix it up with the raptors. This turned out to be a less than profitable approach.

The cavemen and forward raptors (2 of the 5) pushed against the zeds and the zeds pushed back. After a lot of back and forth, many cavemen fell (no raptors). Through the coordinated(?) work of the zeds, raptors and T-Rex, the ball got close to the caveman goal. The zeds swept in to steal the goal! More cavemen fell and the T-Rex got beat up.

Rex decided to sweep out and steal the next goal, which left her vulnerable, and she went down. The raptors and zeds started to take a few hits, but the cavemen were thinned way down by now. The monkeys had fallen to the backfield raptors.

In fine football style, the zeds just kind of held the ball and kept it away from significant play for the next few rounds until the world ended, and the zombie dinos won!


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