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Jurassic World Cup II - The Deep!

Since we again had the convergence of a World Cup event and a new Jurassic World movie, we felt the need to play another Jurassic World Cup. This time, it was played underwater with ancient and fantastic aquatic horrors!.
The board has a number of modular coral reefs spread out to create terrain. Figures have three levels of height at which they can swim, costing one inch of movement to go up or down.
There are five poker chip goals out there. Kicking the ball over a goal lets its player remove it from the board and claim it as a score.

So, this is "the ball". The ball can also be kicked to different elevations to go around opposing players. No rules to "bend it like Beckham" ... you gotta kick in a straight line.

These are the giant angler fish. They had aggressive attack stats, and their player had a good time trying to eat the opposing teams. Which is a strategy. If your team is the only one left, it is pretty easy to take the remaining goals.

And the Rays. Fast and manueverable. And lots of them. Swarmers.

Crab men. Two types. Little scuttlers and one big pounder.

Sharktopusmen are a little more Swiss Army Knife units. Good at everything, great at nothing.

The fifth team is a single giant mutant snail. He is so big, he counts as swimming at all three levels of height at the same time.

The start was a charge right toward the ball by the giant snail.

It was quickly swarmed by most of the other teams. You can see the crabs circling out on the wing there.
You can see some units taking advantage of height to maneuver around the reefs to get at the ball.

And the rays being sneaky around the back side of a coral reef.

But the snail broke through and got the ball in the vicinity of a corner goal.

Slightlly frustrated, the angler fish just decided to attack everyone else.

Giving the snail the chance to get first score (if not first blood).

The survivors fell back to defend the next likely target, the nearer corner goal.

And the snail powered through toward it. After it scored the second goal in a row, we called the game as a victory for the snail, since it was the only unit at this point that had taken no damage. That gave it the best chance to clean up.
Also, it was time to go get some beer.