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Modular Junkyard Trashbash

Some more modular junkyards to go with my original set and my second set.
These are built from junk - what better source for junkyard terrain? - mounted on 3" x 6" boards. They make a modular laydown. Generally, I use about 50% coverage, though I don't usually do an "alternating grid". The size was originally designed to be compatible with a HeroClix 1.5" grid, but it also works well for a 1" grid. If you don't leave too big a gap, it's pretty easy to infer the grid from the modular boards.
Big Pic Here

Some of the shapes are recognizable close up. I don't think you can avoid that. But with good arrangement of pieces from different things and a unifying, scummy paint job, they look decent for play.

These two foam inserts are mounted diagonally on the baseboard. This also helps break up the uniformity of the pieces.
The internal corridor gives some nice stuff to hide in and the angle gives different lines of fire than the regular rectangular bits.

The round pieces also help.
There are a number of ways to disguise a soup can. And I use them most of the time. But this one is just painted up. I think a large number just plain like that would be a problem, but one or two should work. Also, soup cans are very strong/stable and make for good sniper spots with lots of visibility.