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Kaiju Gingerbread House Assault

So, as well as making some gingerbread houses, to fill in for the rest of the city that the kaiju will attack (and the JXSDF will defend ... poorly), we use up the rest of the icing with graham crackers.

Making "office buildings" like this.

And even combo pieces with a gingerbread house and a graham cracker tower.

Prior to claiming the victory point card under a building, after a successful kaiju attack, you must ... um ... destroy the building.

JMXDF tanks can still hide behind the rubble from lurking mosters.

Alien spaceship walkers and giant worms are welcome to the fracas.

The wake of destruction grows after the JMXDF is eliminated.

But the kaiju are still not safe ... "What do you mean my wife's dude is going to bodyslam my Godzilla?"