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Ode to a Black Hole

Gigaparsec Mistress of the Black Night
Your eye stares incessantly
Creating and Destroying
With your tongue you seek to consume
Drops of time-space
That trickle through a pinhole in the universe

Well ... enough of that! This week we are using some cheap 'Clix for a Kali project. I had originally planned to use three Stature figures to make a six-armed Kali (not the standard standard, but hey, this is my goddess) and couldn't visualize a good way to replicate that many arms without looking too repetitive. I did alright with a four-armed Ganesha in the past, but was concerned about getting six in there, all the same. Then I remembered the HorrorClix 50 Foot Ex-Girlfriend. And I found one available (for $.25!) and figured that would give enough variety.

First part is disassembling them. The back actually comes apart from the torso on the FFEG, which made removing the arms much easier. Looking at it, I figured I could lop the ponytails from Stature to add to Kali's hair. Goddess needs a weave, and all that.

So here we have Kali reassembled. I've added a few skulls as a necklace and a bunch of left over arms from other figures to make her skirt. I also gave her a little more clothing and some bits and bobs. Got the good sword and severed head. Didn't add a bowl to catch the blood. And my trident is more like a spear.

I also chopped up the remaining parts of the Stature figures and put them on bases to make ruined statues. This is a good use for left overs like this (ones I am very unlikely to get extra parts that match) and it helps to do it right away, so you don't end up with tons and tons of bits and bobs all over the place.

Nope! You get the statues first!

Primed black with three layers of grey, a medium-heavy dry brush of white, and a quick black wash was pretty much all these needed.

And now without further ado ... Kali! I kept it kind of basic on the color scheme to get a primal and otherworldly look. I think its alright if she doesn't look right as long as it is in the right way. I wanted a decent level of detailing, but she needs to appear to be physically sucking in all the light from her surroundings. I think that came off pretty well with the minimal highlighting of her skin. I also migrated the paint for the skulls and arms, so while they are muted tones, each one is actually a (slightly) different shade


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