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Hakken o kami

Yep. Christmas ornaments. On sale in January. At 80% off the store was just trying to avoid intentorying and storing them. I think I paid a dollar each. I picked these ones because they will go well with my existing lines as giant spirits.

First, the kitsu kami to go with my kitsune figure. The 28mm figures in the forground provide a sense of scale of the ornament. Otherwise, you have a custom sculpted figure, some Splintered Light 20mm woodland anthropomorphic foxes, and SL big dogs in 20mm that make nice small dogs (or foxes) in 28mm.

I like how the head angle and expression works with the 28mm figures.

The usagi kami goes with these rabbit warriors, again, all custom conversions, but regular 28mm figures other than the heads.

I like the soft, furry nature of these ornaments as it provides a contrast to the minis and gives a more "other", spirit vibe on the table with them.

Again, in context, the expression adds to the ambience of the figures.