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Weird Cavalry

Innocent enough at the start. Some Medieval figures on horses. But then I had a lot more cavalry figures than I had horses. So I got a plastic horse that is reasonable in terms of size with respect to the others.

OK, so the jouster on the right is riding bareback and his mount appears to be taking a snack. But still, he should be fine at arm's length

But I only had one horse, and I haven't unpacked all my parts and pieces yet, so I still needed mounts.

OK, Don Quixote on a cow. I can use that guy. And why not two? The scrunched over one looks more like a windmill chaser and the upright one more the giant killer.

Still not done, but a (giant) ram will make a nice, if a bit odd, mythic type mount. And we can always use more classic D&D goblins riding on wolves. Or dogs. Sure.

And even though this isn't the last of the cavalry figures, it is the last of the reasonable sized animals to use as mounts. Reasonable being a relative term. So, they're giant fowl. But the still scale about right as mounts for these figures.

The classic guys painted up quite nicely.

So did the Man of La Mancha. I tried to paint up the giant killer as clean and well polished and the wildmill fighter as dirty and falling to pieces. Now I just need a good Sancho Panza ...

He kinda gets my goat, but falls in line with a number of Scandinavian mythic figures.

And this is pretty much classic D&D, right down to the red eyes on the mount and the yellow goblinskin. I have a feeling when I run across more plastic dogs, I will end up with a lot more like this one. He will be the template.

And the cock fight. It's like the video game Joust, but even weirder.

I did grab some plumber's putty and turn the hen into a rooster for this. Otherwise I figured old Chanitcleer didn't have a prayer to avoid being henpecked into submission.


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