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German Steampunk Cavalry

I have a big bucket of Warzone Bauhaus figures, which are Weird WWI or Steampunk Interwar or something similar German/Prussian forces. But they're all infantry. But I can "fix" that. I fix it by breaking a leg off.

Then I can glue the figure to the saddle and reposition the leg and fill in the gap with some liquid latex. Since I am using the figures that were already in a reasonably wide stance, It comes together reasonably well.

Now for the horses. It wouldn't be fair for the riders to have gas masks and the horses not to. It also wouldn't be practical. I am just going to paint the face black in the front where the mask goes. I have made two "snakes" of air-dry clay.

The snakes get sliced into thin cylinders. The smaller diameter are glued to the horsefaces as goggles; the larger, as gas filter cannisters.

To match the infantry design, the goggles are red metallic and the filter cannisters are silver.

Rinse and repeat. And we get a cavalry contingent to go with the infantry.