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Keeper of Secrets

This is a pretty simple conversion. I had a bag of Tyranid bits, where I got those incsect arms. The work well with the standard 6" action figure, so I scrounged this WWE wrestler for less than $5. Regardless of any opion about WWE wrestling, these people are amazing athletes, so their dolls ... er ... action figures make great bases for all kins of powerful, fit, humaniod monsters. Sometimes, their wrestling costumes need no mods for this.

The key piece of selecting the figure is (well, on sale first) was finding one with her hair pulled back, so removing it would be easy. The KoS has a bald head with a bucket of horns. This one should work well.

So I mounted her up on a base and did my regular action figure trick - filling in the joints with green stuff. This holds the figure in pose (action figure articulation and movement is not desired for a wargame mini (though I do have some movable bits on some minis)) and smooths out the joints.

I also sanded down the head with 90 grit to make the head smooth. It doesn't look like it because of the plastic mold, but it is smooth to the touch, and we will see how well I did once it is painted stark white, which is very unforgiving.

I also added the insect arms by pinning. Because both sides were plastic, I heated up an unbended piece of paper clip, stuck it into the arm (hard plastic). Then I clipped it short and drilled it into the figure (soft plastic). I glued them in place, and once dry, I added the green stuff to the joints.

The priming is also the base colour for this one. The head looks good. You can also see how the green stuff helps make it not look like an action figure. I did not cover the waist line joint, but that is going to be hidden behind clothing. I am not making a naked, multi breasted KoS. This is my piece.

You can see the clothing approach. I took some gauze and folded it up into strips. Then I slathered the inside with glue and progressively wrapped, then waited for it to dry. One bend at a time.

You can also see four of the six horns. My original thought was to put the other two on the sides between the four shown here.

But I wasn't sure, so I asked SWMBO where the horns should go. She said in front and back. I did. I really like this look. Glad I asked.

You can also see heavy eyeliner and dark purple lipstick.

Here you are on the ground as an ant (well, a 28mm figure) looking up at the powerful and awesome Shayna Baszler. As it should be.

In this case the boots were a part of the figure, not added on. So they wouldn't come off like I wanted. But the figure was less than $5. I did cut the toes off the boots and add toes with green stuff after the figure had set on the base. I added the belt, too. I considered wrist bangles and various piercings, but didn't want to interrupt the simplicity of form.

So ... a pale goth chick in heavy make up, boots, and mesh clothing. I feel like I'm back in college.

Here she is with a Dark Eldar as a size reference.

And the view you will get playing her on the board.